Report an Issue

At any time: If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you should call the National Gas Emergency Service Freephone number on 0800 111 999.

If we are managing your property and you have any maintenance issues please note the following:

  1. Follow any emergency arrangements provided to you. For example if your Landlord has provided 24/7 insured maintenance/emergency cover (for example: British Gas Homecare), then please contact the relevant service as per the details provided;
  2. If no emergency arrangements are in place or they do not cover your particular emergency, please complete our maintenance form. This will go directly to a property manager who will be able to assist. We understand you cannot always be present, we will therefore supply keys to the appointed contractor to attend, unless we are otherwise advised or if we do not hold them.
    Please note: if the maintenance problem is due to any act of negligence or is responsibility of the tenant then you will be liable to reimburse the cost of the call out and any works carried out.

If we are not managing your property and you have any maintenance issues please follow the advice the Landlord has provided and if in doubt contact the Landlord directly.


Please be aware that during periods of cold weather, the following precautions should be put into action if the above property is likely to be left vacant for any period of time.


Freezing temperatures can cause devastation to properties if pipes freeze and burst. Please ensure the heating is left on a low setting, even if the property is unoccupied, to look to prevent this from happening.

Water Systems

If it's likely that your property will be empty for a significant period of time, turning off the water is not always sufficient as there is normally still a lot of water in the system which could cause damage.

Please advise First 4 Lettings if the property will be empty for any period longer than 14 days. First 4 Lettings will also need to advise the Landlord of the situation, so that they can check their insurance policy, as a plumber may be needed to drain down the system (water and central heating) to help eliminate this risk.